Howard M. "Gramps" Bricker is a story telling great grandfather who has created stories about beardless and fake bearded Santas through the years. Upon reading The Christmas Santa Had No Beard, parents and children alike will finally discover just how Santa loses his beard.

Meet the disgruntled baldy, the North Pole barber, who has written Santa for hair since childhood without having any success. Readers will accompany this beardless Santa on this epic Christmas Eve journey as he encounters one problem after another.

This not so jolly Santa Claus wonders, "Does a beard make me any different? Is trouble like this going to happen all night long?"

H. M. "Gramps Bricker would not leave Santa Claus. nor his youthful readers in despair. There is a happy ending when Santa makes a surprising discovery and can joyfully exclaim, "Isn't this wonderful, I am going to have a beard for Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho! What a merry, merry Christmas!"

The Christmas Santa Had No beard restores the magical legend of Santa's image to every child's imagination. The story is destined to be one of the great Christmas classics of all time. It will be told and retold to children from generation to generation.

In a time of rampant skepticism, The Christmas Santa Had No Beard will spark children's innermost hopes and fantasies and offer a refreshing answer to the question parents would rather leave unanswered.

"Who is the man behind that fake beard?"