The author, "Gramps Bricker", is just another story telling grandparent who has seen his children, grandchildren, and now his great grandchildren voice their doubts upon seeing so many Santas everywhere without a beard. During one Christmas season, H. Michael Bricker took his grandson Sean to visit Santa at a mall. Sean saw Santa putting on his beard and said, "Look Gramps, that Santa is a fake. That's not even a real beard!" Thus the idea for The Christmas Santa Had No Beard was born.

The illustrator, John Dall, has said, "If I feel it...I can create it." John Dall's artistic drawings makes this story come even more alive. John is a Chicago based Native American artist and active participant in Ho-Chunk Indian affairs. He is a free-lance illustrator whose works have appeared in Tom Catalano's book Tall Tales, And Short Stories, Brother Edwin, and The Carrier.

The book designer, Qi "Mary" Meng, is an experienced web programmer and magazine designer from Shanghai, China. Her creativity in designing The Christmas Santa Had No Beard has extremely enhanced both the writing and illustrations in this work.