Read about Santa's adventures after he loses his beard. This not so jolly Santa asks, "Does a beard make me any different," and wonders if there will be trouble all night long?

Children will find out why Santa loses his beard, and the problems that ensue, all the way to the surprise ending.

The Christmas Santa Had No Beard will build upon the magical legend of Santa within every child. This story is destined to be one of the great Christmas classics of all time, and will be told and retold for generations.

--- REVIEW ---
The Christmas Santa Had No Beard written by H.M. "Gramps" Bricker was a pure delight to read to my 4 year old little girl this year. We absolutely love it! She could not wait to hear the story and follow along with the beautifully illustrated pages. She was truly captivated throughout the entire story! We will definitely be adding this book to her Christmas keep sake box as I know, this book and CD will be cherished for years to come. What a treasure and fantastic gift she was given by our very dear family friend! This story has legendary quality and we hope it touches as many families and children's lives as possible! ~ Kenosha, WI

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